birthday girl :)

my 21st birthday just passed.
hmmmm. can u say wasted?. :)

they love to hate us... but we love us... :)

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if your not married. your single.

watch it and see if you agree.

rihanna new look..

i love rihanna.
she always keeps it funky.
im not loving the new look.
whatcha think?!?!


ok ok i keep saying that im coming back and im gonna post more
but twitter has really taken over my life lol.
:( no joke. sheesh . so i promise. cross my heart hope to die.
stick a needle in my eye. something like that yeees. :) i promise to try waaaay
harder in keeping this updated because ppl tell me all the time
how much they enjoy the real-ness of it. so thankies much u guys love u muah!