somethings gotta give...

today i came across a story about an 11 year old who was teased and bullied by his classmates about being gay. Now im not sure whether the little boy was gay or not but at 11 i know he didnt deserve this. Because of all the tormenting he went through at school he felt like he had no other decision than to take his own life. Omg. This is probably the saddest thing I've read in my life. His own mother found him, he was hanging by an extension cord. Its like WOW. what could possibly be going through her mind right now? Whats going through his classmates minds? His mother had been contacting the schools administrative staff since September and they had yet to fix the problem. This goes to show you that you never know what someone is going through and you never know when what you say can be the last straw so chose your words carefully and start respecting people more. This story really touched me. He was only 11 years old. I have younger siblings, and nieces and nephews and i thank God it wasnt any of them. & im praying that they dont have to go through this EVER. please pray for this little boys family.

OMG TAHiRY! I Love her!

Ok alot of people call her
"Joe Buddens Girl" but u gotta give
her some credit she's way more then that.
She's the only reason I watch JoeBuddenTV honestly.
I lOVE HER! She's real. She speaks up.
She's seems down to earth & to top it off
she's HELLA BAD!!! Her body is ridiculous
NO HOMO!!! jst gotta give credit where its due.
(i plucked these pics from mediatakeout)
+ the body is all natural!



so i finally got a TWiTTER lol.

[follow me] bestdaeever.


c'mon.... u serious???

ok so when i saw this i was
a tad bit disappointed to say the least...
why in the hell would she do this?
not hating bc amber rose is a bad bitch
bald head & all.
but cassie are u serious?
why would she do this?
c'mon cassie trying 2 HARD is the ultimate

if by some way you know cassie personally please find out for me the meaning behind all this foolishness. smh.

J Bar Bar!!!

gottta love my J-Bar[2x] =)
the pic has a magical effect...
thats u??? [insider]
this effect was called psychotic...
wow i look scary lol scounts honor
im not that ----> BAD.
now this is probably my fav!!!
macbook times with the homies
are always fun =)!!! shout out to S.O.D.

dae & nite...???

So I've been wondering
what if i was born with a twin?
Lol i mean she would be really cute =)
but would another me be too much?
im pretty out spoken, very much opinionated,
im a [great] debater! but i think thats the
beauty of me. im like a firecracker
a small package with major explosive....
so with that being said
lol im more than pretty sure she would
bethe nicest out of the [2]... haha thats pretty
bad i know that off top lol but whatEV!!!


i have miss [joy bunny] aka "nite".
haha i know the name sounds kinda lame
but it was given to us by some
of atl's finest =) so it sticks!!!

straight from houston... 1 more added
to the "take over atlanta" movement =)
im enjoying showing the homie around the "A".

shoutout to colli park ent.



chillin with the homies  

the highlight: minaj!!!!

mo.joy.dae.cristal[serious flava of love]

reppin for rap-a-lot at the shoot


toot it up.


at the shoot pretty thick.

 shout out to everybody that came through the video shoot.


Tickets:SO FAR GONE????

are u serious? the drake tickets are gone???? wow.
i knew it was gonna be a blowout show but DAMN!!!!
i didnt even get to get my tickets =( now im sad.
something has to happen because this is not the move!

camera play...

=) i was pretty bored last nite.
lifted taking pics. enjoy lol.

.my sexy face. ha.
.kissy face.

.not perfection.
jst [beauty]...

lol i had fun to say the least...


young money. cash money.
shout out to my lil bro lil twist
he had a cameo in the video.
i loved it. it was comical.
look @ wayne's dreads... oh emm gee!
my "big bro" is the bomb =)


bad bitches galore!

so yeah its AMBERS BDAY!!!!!

we're bad... we know :)

they call me pretty lady dae. nice to meet u.

i told yall i love my bree-z

this pretty lady.... whitno!

lol we're the life of the party!!!!