is it real love???

im so glad to see keyshia genuinely happy.... but is it happening too fast???
she's already gotten tatted!!! maybe the rumors abt her
proposing to jeezy were true bc she seems to be a sucker for love..
& i mean that in the nicest way possible. as long as she's
happy & smiling i guess nothing else matters... but maybe miss cole
should take things a little bit slower this time so things wont end so bad.

Best I Ever Had... official video

ok so im not a big fan of the video.
i love the song but the video i give 2 thumbs down.
drake is definitely a cutie but the video is full of
boobs & basketball??? sounds like a good combo but the concept of the video has nothing to do with the song. i expected waaaay more.
well thats my opinion check it out for yourselves.

a few pictures!

ive been gone for a minute!!!
so i owe you guys some sort of eye candy lol
nothing major jst a few pics!!! enjoy & ill be back with more topics asap.


Certain people you expect to live forever. family, friends, icons. Michael Jackson
was a musical genius. Earning the title "the king of pop" his dance moves
were jst as smooth as his voice. Michael Jackson has been alive my whole life so i guess its fair to say in my eyes he would be with us forever. I've never met him but loving music as much as i do
it would be hard not to respect him or even acknowledge the impact he had
on the world today. From songs like "Remember the time" to "Billie Jean" to "Smooth Criminal" nobody has come as hard as MJ. may he rest in peace & hopefully now he's finally happy.