..1 GUY. 1 CUP..

i kept hearing all this hype abt
this video on youtube. "1 guy. 1 cup."
so me and whitno decided to watch it.
we video taped our reaction.
anyone see this video. it is THEE MOST
DISGUSTING iSH i have ever seen in life.
lol we couldnt even get thru the whole video.
(sounds starts messing up jst ignore) :)


ok so im pretty determined i have to show
you guys some "serious" pics b4 u
think im some party girl who goes out to
the club and gets "fried" all the time.
thats not the case at all. lol. im a college student.
ipartyhard. istudyhard. simple as that.
"suite party"

&& my cuzo came along 4 the ride :)

i have the [bombest] friends

roc boyz in the building baybee



atl has possibly the worst traffic ever.
i went to quiznos with my friends matt and mookie
and it took us almost 30 minutes to get down the street. ugh! : (
and the streets are totally rugged. i need to write a letter to my mayor. 

and the haters hate on...



.president barack obama.
i have never been so alert and interested in the presidential election and im pretty sure im not the only one. im overwhelmed. im excited. im scared. im feeling so many different emotions its crazy. im very proud of my president and everything he has accomplished. i honestly pray to God that the american people allow him to do his job. he wont be able to change everything we might not even see change in his first four years but i believe he will start the proccess on getting us on the right path we just have to do our part also. congratulations to our new [PRESiDENT BARACK OBAMA], [ViCE PRESiDENT JOE BiDEN] && their families.
[i love my president & first lady]



.u should understand by now that we [party].
i only fck with bad bitches [no homo]-minaj
[dreamz. 1.18.09.]
we're the life of the party

dae&chene. lol she's gonna kill me
they say im too pretty to be one of the boyz
but hey what do they know [2.2]


.the last two in the camp.

intro. drake/dae:"guess im just the social type yea campus life is crazy"

take one.
so not ready lol.
take two.
take three.

no favoritism in our camp of course but from jump start these two have been my [babies]. miss apryle houston, texas born and raised [instant connection]. then my partner-in-crime lol no matter where u see one the other isn't too far behind my 5ft oakland gangsta miss morgan brianna . everybody has a different relationship with one another thats why [my] girls work so good together. no drama.[unless needed]. no liars. no thieves. jst 7 bad b!tches. (smile) on the road to success. we all have different backgrounds, we come from different cities but we all know the main thing we have in common is the drive to do something positive with our lives. with this blog im opening my life to the world. my accomplishments and my failures. the ride is gonna be a great one so buckle up and stay tuned.



.first chill session of the school year with the homies.
ok so today was my first [dae] of school and unlike alot of others i was hella hype! lol. now i guess u can call me a [nerd] whatever lol but i love school. and i finally had all of my business in order before hand. all in all it was a very productive day. here are a few pics of my first chill session with the homies. shout out to [bmb]. a few ppl are missing.
meet a few of my [bmb] boyz
.branden.= my cali fav
.austin.=my [future] co-host for 106 & park.
[watch out for us]
.felix.=spike fe
[he's on the come up]
shout out to my girlies: meliya and shanna

.haha. the end.



I've been talking to a few of my female friends, whether it be facebook friends, myspace friends or my bomb.com ladies and it seems they all had something in common. A guy in their life that just doesn't know how to act. it seems as though when you are too nice to them they freak out or they try to play you to the left. the key is to ignore them. if you ignore a dude he'll sit and wonder why you aren't all into him and he'll be on you. weird i know. now im not about guy bashing at all i love my boys. i learn something new everyday being around them. so im thinking about starting a "no boyfriend in 09" campaign. lol. im dedicating my time to myself this year: my likes, my classes, my friends, my family, my $$$[big one], and most importantly MYSELF. friends are welcomed but no title is required nor desired.




If u know me personally, or if u have met me since ive lived in atlanta u kno this is my A1 since day 1. [ms. breoni cloud]. i love this lady so much. you know i had 2 get her right for her 21st. "he's just my jumpoff, she's my breezy". & o yea girls jst wanna have fun.

blame it on the liquor

bomb.com baby

we get a little crazy sometimes



lol. mission accomplished. happy 21st hun!


"amazing"- kanye west

Amazing feat. Young Jeezy - Kanye West


occupation:struggling college student
so for now
.a girl can dream.

jimmy choo. $950.