the first [dae]

what up people dae is the [name] the streets gave me. :) houston beauty finding my own way in the [atl shawty]. bomb.com is the group thats official. shout out to my bmb boyz. and keep your eyes open for [RAPSTAR 4 HiRE] MiXTAPE dropping soon. blogging my new year in 09. definitely making plans 4 it to be a big year. ex: turning 21. obama will be president. basically just really looking forward to growing up. so enjoy, comment, laugh, cry, get mad, do whatever 09 is about doing you the best way you kno how so duece duece people im outtie.


  1. you got to get down wit Dae and this new 09 shit shawty...... and fuck you if you a hater nigga save that fuck shit