I've been talking to a few of my female friends, whether it be facebook friends, myspace friends or my bomb.com ladies and it seems they all had something in common. A guy in their life that just doesn't know how to act. it seems as though when you are too nice to them they freak out or they try to play you to the left. the key is to ignore them. if you ignore a dude he'll sit and wonder why you aren't all into him and he'll be on you. weird i know. now im not about guy bashing at all i love my boys. i learn something new everyday being around them. so im thinking about starting a "no boyfriend in 09" campaign. lol. im dedicating my time to myself this year: my likes, my classes, my friends, my family, my $$$[big one], and most importantly MYSELF. friends are welcomed but no title is required nor desired.


  1. sounds like a good idea
    i dont think the title game happening anytime soon because jus as much as yall females say guys dont act right its jus as much or maybe even MORE that act the same or EVEN WORST THEN guys. Especially the chicks that claim they on they nigga shit tryin to play the game. it aint a dude thing its jus a grow the fuck up thing. WERD!

  2. ok
    i need to become a member of this
    campaign quickly

  3. lol girl ur more then welcome