.the last two in the camp.

intro. drake/dae:"guess im just the social type yea campus life is crazy"

take one.
so not ready lol.
take two.
take three.

no favoritism in our camp of course but from jump start these two have been my [babies]. miss apryle houston, texas born and raised [instant connection]. then my partner-in-crime lol no matter where u see one the other isn't too far behind my 5ft oakland gangsta miss morgan brianna . everybody has a different relationship with one another thats why [my] girls work so good together. no drama.[unless needed]. no liars. no thieves. jst 7 bad b!tches. (smile) on the road to success. we all have different backgrounds, we come from different cities but we all know the main thing we have in common is the drive to do something positive with our lives. with this blog im opening my life to the world. my accomplishments and my failures. the ride is gonna be a great one so buckle up and stay tuned.

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