. . .

i plan to make as many memories
with the best people ever as possible.
i want to smoke, i want to cook, i want to laugh,
i just want to live. the drama is a bore & frankly im
too old. i just want to enjoy the rest of my youth,
getting old comes too soon.
they say "youth is wasted on the young"
&& in a few years, in societys eyes, it'll be time
for us to have families, & careers.
oh, im so not ready for that.
i mean the career of course, im ready to dive in,
extremely ready, lol. but as for the family part,
it can wait a bit.

so ive promised myself; if something makes me upset but its small enough to forget about for even a moment, take a deep breath and let it go because life if simply too short.


. .solbeam

" Fall in love or fall in hate.
Get inspired or be depressed.
Ace a test or flunk a class.
Make babies or make art.
Speak the truth or lie and cheat.
Dance on tables or sit in the corner.
Life is divine chaos.
Embrace it. And enjoy the ride... "

cali dreams

we had a talk &
devised a plan.
miles apart, our hearts still
beat for one another.
we'll work,
we'll visit,
but soon enough, it'll all be over.
im patiently waiting.
in two years
we take over cali.
&& live our lives, like their golden
because they are & forever will be.


"i was planning on this being something worth mentioning,
energy invested in something i saw potential in" - Drake

patiently waiting.

what i'd give for it to be basketball season already.
im bored. i turn to sportscenter, & football is on.
*blah* i know NOTHING about football, lol.

so until october, i guess the only thing i have to
keep me entertained is school & work.

oh, what a joy (sarcasm) :)

umm, exsqueeze me?!

i tried to think of more to say
but all i came up with was:
"Yummmmy" :/
lol. the beautiful Kesan, ladies.

yes i am weezy, but i aint asthmatic

yay, its almost time to Free Weezy. =)


i love this lady.
all hail Queen B.

Karla's Lovely Closet

i definitely LOVE Karla, & her outfits are
ALWAYS dope. Shoes, blouses, jumpers,
accessories, the works. Its a
fashionista's paradise :)
Drop by, & check her out.

Bonnie & Clyde.

ill be your Bonnie if you promise to be my Clyde.


love is an understatement. . .

ell. oh. vee. ee.

"whats understood, doesnt have to be explained"

buh bye twitter.

schools back in. working on a new intern,
and i am more than happy to say im gainfully
employed. i think its time i take a little break
from my beloved twitter.

"i'd like to say its been a pleasure" in my best drake voice.
ill be back thou, i wont stay away for too long.
and if anyone wants to keep up with me, stalk me, or whatever
jk about the stalking, lol, but ill be updating my blog more
so they can reach me here.

- its been real, dueces.


.lovelier than you.

good morning texts. constant support.
always a kind word or a scripture
that matches precisely to my situation.
his 6th sense seems to be knowing
the EXACT times i need him most.
he's GORGEOUS. plain & simple.
with a heart of gold.
he's intelligent.
he's driven.
he's christian.


im not sure what happened in his past.
i honestly could care less because

"no engagement could amount to his friendship"

for some reason im drawn to him. i never want him to hurt.
i have this certain need to protect him. i *love* him.
we match. we work. . . as friends . nothing more, nothing less.
im so grateful to have someone as great as him in my life.

because even thou he may not be the ONE it gives me hope
that my BOSS may just be around the corner.

"In the future hopefully
We'll be together you and me
Don't you worry baby please, because honestly...

If I could rewind
Both the hands of time
Still I would never find
A lovelier design
Than you" - B.O.B.

.back with the jumpoff.

"im having a good time. . they just tryna ruin it"

my blog pertains to MY life.

no celeb gossip.
not your favorite artist.
not your favorite mixtape.
not your favorite designer.

i blog MY life. if i post about a pair of shoes, its because 'I' think they're hott.
if i make a post about an artist, its because 'I' like their music & think they're popping.
and so on, and so on. blog full of my opinions the intention has never been to hurt feelings.
just living my life like its golden. =)

consider this my form of meditation.


Kanye is AWESOME.
point. blank. period.

the lone ranger.

its been about 6mths. no rough draft, no notes. . .
everything straight from the HEART.

i can't help but to smile at the thought
of you. one of the most unique people i've ever met.
we had a special bond. so many real talks just between
the company of you and me. i told you my dreams, and
you never once laughed at me. everytime i saw or spoke to
you the words "JJ i love you" were said. you were my friend,
i nicknamed you my "lone ranger" because for the most part
you stayed one deep. i will never have the words to express
what i felt when i first heard the news. no matter what anyone said
smh i just KNEW it wasnt you. mistaken identity. so much
potential just cut short i couldnt understand why God would take you
away. i kept saying "nah, not jj." i'm no one to question God
but i cant help but think whatever we were supposed to learn or get
from your death we could have been taught another way. i didnt make it home
for the funeral, i was stuck in ATL, lol the place you used to say
stole me from the H. smh. i would give anything just to see you again dude, smoke with you, laugh with you. you we're one of the few people that
could still make me laugh while cursing me out. cant turn back the hands of
time but im glad i always told you i loved you when the oppurtunity was
presented. you will forever be with us.

we LOVE you JJ.

"Missing You" - Drake



somewhere between all the social networking sites,

instant messaging, text messaging, and emails

our personal social skills seem to have commited assisted suicide.

dont call me.

just tweet me ;)


i had a talk with my girl Bree the other day about the usual: boys, money, food and then the topic of me moving back to Atlanta came up. i immediately got sad. ATL has been my home for the past 3yrs, its where MY life is, aside from my parents.

she commented back saying "don't feel bad everyone is moving, going their own way right now." no more water fights, or special brownies. no more breaking up to make up with the college sweetheart. no more free college parties. wow. have i really been so busy that i didn't realize we're closer to being "grown up" then we've every been before ?!? i still feel like i'm so young that nothing is set in stone, but the decisions we make now will affect the lives we live later. time is passing by so fast, tomorrows become yesterdays so quick. i just want to stop, smell the flowers, && enjoy the moment. . .

but not at the cost of being left so far behind i can never catch up. this 'time' thing is tricky. i guess that's where faith comes in. . faith that God has a plan for me so great that not even i could imagine. i spoke with my mom about it and she said this is just the beginning. you don't start really living until after college. either way it goes. . . this is the beginning of the BEST days of our lives

"nothing really comes as a surprise right now, cuz we just having the time of our lives right now"

james 1:19

"let every person be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger"

karmas daughter

she's brown skinned and got the most gorgeous eyes

she flirted with what i thought to be the most absurd of lies

she wasn't so cute then, so all she got was stares && denies

she was hurt by my actions, but i ain't see a reason for her tries

the following years brought about many changes

her success can be seen displayed on various pages

im just pissed because my frustration ranges

and i think im locked in multiple cages

now she lookin like an angel fell

staring too long will cause me to swell

her beauty on the inside i know too well

im sad because im left with this story to tell

im on the sidelines wising i had a chance

for a conversation, a date, or a dance

but im in no position to make an advance

because im a knight fighting with no lance

i feel bad for them days i wouldn't bother

ignoring her flirting and i wouldn't call her

now im just stuck wishing and seeking her

karma's a bitch and im in love with her daughter.


Mr West the Best

thank God for Kanye.

@kanyewest: I wake up everyday and say - I'm trying my best to stay out my own way

i now will live vicariously throu his twitter page. =)

.before my time.

not saying im the first, but i was doing it before it became trendy.

.home sweet home.

"it feels so GOOD to be back"

bun b on pandora, cowboy boots,

90 degree weather, cajun food, and family.

i've been pretty ghost from my beautiful city for the past 3years. the "hardly home but always reppin" type attitude, but now im back and im ready to fully experience everything Houston has to offer. =) this should be fun.