i had a talk with my girl Bree the other day about the usual: boys, money, food and then the topic of me moving back to Atlanta came up. i immediately got sad. ATL has been my home for the past 3yrs, its where MY life is, aside from my parents.

she commented back saying "don't feel bad everyone is moving, going their own way right now." no more water fights, or special brownies. no more breaking up to make up with the college sweetheart. no more free college parties. wow. have i really been so busy that i didn't realize we're closer to being "grown up" then we've every been before ?!? i still feel like i'm so young that nothing is set in stone, but the decisions we make now will affect the lives we live later. time is passing by so fast, tomorrows become yesterdays so quick. i just want to stop, smell the flowers, && enjoy the moment. . .

but not at the cost of being left so far behind i can never catch up. this 'time' thing is tricky. i guess that's where faith comes in. . faith that God has a plan for me so great that not even i could imagine. i spoke with my mom about it and she said this is just the beginning. you don't start really living until after college. either way it goes. . . this is the beginning of the BEST days of our lives

"nothing really comes as a surprise right now, cuz we just having the time of our lives right now"

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