.lovelier than you.

good morning texts. constant support.
always a kind word or a scripture
that matches precisely to my situation.
his 6th sense seems to be knowing
the EXACT times i need him most.
he's GORGEOUS. plain & simple.
with a heart of gold.
he's intelligent.
he's driven.
he's christian.


im not sure what happened in his past.
i honestly could care less because

"no engagement could amount to his friendship"

for some reason im drawn to him. i never want him to hurt.
i have this certain need to protect him. i *love* him.
we match. we work. . . as friends . nothing more, nothing less.
im so grateful to have someone as great as him in my life.

because even thou he may not be the ONE it gives me hope
that my BOSS may just be around the corner.

"In the future hopefully
We'll be together you and me
Don't you worry baby please, because honestly...

If I could rewind
Both the hands of time
Still I would never find
A lovelier design
Than you" - B.O.B.

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