the lone ranger.

its been about 6mths. no rough draft, no notes. . .
everything straight from the HEART.

i can't help but to smile at the thought
of you. one of the most unique people i've ever met.
we had a special bond. so many real talks just between
the company of you and me. i told you my dreams, and
you never once laughed at me. everytime i saw or spoke to
you the words "JJ i love you" were said. you were my friend,
i nicknamed you my "lone ranger" because for the most part
you stayed one deep. i will never have the words to express
what i felt when i first heard the news. no matter what anyone said
smh i just KNEW it wasnt you. mistaken identity. so much
potential just cut short i couldnt understand why God would take you
away. i kept saying "nah, not jj." i'm no one to question God
but i cant help but think whatever we were supposed to learn or get
from your death we could have been taught another way. i didnt make it home
for the funeral, i was stuck in ATL, lol the place you used to say
stole me from the H. smh. i would give anything just to see you again dude, smoke with you, laugh with you. you we're one of the few people that
could still make me laugh while cursing me out. cant turn back the hands of
time but im glad i always told you i loved you when the oppurtunity was
presented. you will forever be with us.

we LOVE you JJ.

"Missing You" - Drake

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