karmas daughter

she's brown skinned and got the most gorgeous eyes

she flirted with what i thought to be the most absurd of lies

she wasn't so cute then, so all she got was stares && denies

she was hurt by my actions, but i ain't see a reason for her tries

the following years brought about many changes

her success can be seen displayed on various pages

im just pissed because my frustration ranges

and i think im locked in multiple cages

now she lookin like an angel fell

staring too long will cause me to swell

her beauty on the inside i know too well

im sad because im left with this story to tell

im on the sidelines wising i had a chance

for a conversation, a date, or a dance

but im in no position to make an advance

because im a knight fighting with no lance

i feel bad for them days i wouldn't bother

ignoring her flirting and i wouldn't call her

now im just stuck wishing and seeking her

karma's a bitch and im in love with her daughter.


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