just give my boys a little time.
im still riding with them.


no other female artist can do it better.
keep killin em Mrs. B. Carter.
call me a sap or whatever but the thanksgiving special left me in tears.
how can you not love this lady? rhetorical question. :)

a name.

my father fell in love with her beauty.
my mother fell in love with her music.
im very grateful to be named after someone
as elegant, beautiful, and as classic as she.


im not the sister of a movie star.
or the daughter of a millionaire.
i dont have rock star parents.
or maids to clean up behind me.
my forks, kinves and spoons are silver.
but i wasnt born with one in my mouth :)
my parents arent "royalty"
so no, im no princess persay.
but in all honesty i feel a girl with even a little substance
can definitely go a long way. im blessed.

just a girl

i never quite mastered the art of matching.
i forget & confuse #'s such as 3's & 5's or 2's & 6's.
im hardly ever on time.
i always leave at least one item behind whenever im at someone's home.
the right side of my hair never curls correctly.
my butt looks larger on the right side than the left.
my feelings get hurt easily.
i tend to forget people's names.
i talk L O U D!!
i always smile, even if the girls around me are "mugging".
i ALWAYS look for the GOOD in people,
seems i tend to look harder & just continue finding the bad. ugh.
im as pretty as a picture, but not tall enough to be a model.
im just a girl, trying to find my own way in this humongous world.
and boy is it tough, but all in all i wouldnt have it any other way. :)

.. thrift.. click clock ...

.. im overdue for a thrift shop visit :) .... ahhhhh *screams* i must visit today !! .


The hardest part about my life right now is that I’m unsure of who is here to stay and how many are waiting to either make a dramatic or graceful exit. Everywhere I look I see something about friends not really being friends just people who have the same thing in common, giving one another devious competition. The scariest thing about the human mind is that you never know what its thinking or where it may wonder off. You never know what another person is capable of. I always find myself loving too hard, or trusting too much. A good heart is supposed to get you a long way, but when others around you have wicked intentions your first idea of how you expected a situation to go can sometimes fall by the wayside. Hopefully I’m not losing anyone, I’m pretty much just typing exactly what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. But I guess that’s why life is life. You can never really be too certain about anything but your own self, your own actions, and most importantly your own intentions. I guess for now ill just be content with the people that are here, and the people who have never left, my family. And as my surroundings change I have to make sure no matter what I stay the same.

John Lennon

"the MORE i see, the LESS i know for sure."