.first chill session of the school year with the homies.
ok so today was my first [dae] of school and unlike alot of others i was hella hype! lol. now i guess u can call me a [nerd] whatever lol but i love school. and i finally had all of my business in order before hand. all in all it was a very productive day. here are a few pics of my first chill session with the homies. shout out to [bmb]. a few ppl are missing.
meet a few of my [bmb] boyz
.branden.= my cali fav
.austin.=my [future] co-host for 106 & park.
[watch out for us]
.felix.=spike fe
[he's on the come up]
shout out to my girlies: meliya and shanna

.haha. the end.

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