so like i said in my intro i believe 09 will be a very interesting and positive year. Im a young woman and everyday living in atlanta away from my family and friends i grow a little more mature and stronger. with that being said this blog is dedicated to the new hot young talent i feel will have a great (& deserving) year.

miss nicki minaj
i wont lie i cant sit here and say ive always been a die hard nicki minaj fan but when i started hearing her name i got curious and i looked her up on you tube. the girl is killing like she says in her song "still i rise"... "bitches is like crabs in a bucket you see a bad bitch getting shine you should love it." basically once other female rappers and peers start to accept her it will open doors for everyone. so instead of hating show support.

12. Still I Rise Feat. Nicki Manaj - DJ DRAMA & LIL WAYNE


this young man here. wow. from degrassi to the next up newly signed to interscope if im not mistaken. i have nothing but good to say about him. he harmonizes, raps and acts im feeling the triple threat. his mixtapes are hot too. (ex:comeback season, heartbreak drake) catch him on tour with lil wayne. also my lil brother lil twist is on that tour!!!

Ransom - Drake & Wayne

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