dae & nite...???

So I've been wondering
what if i was born with a twin?
Lol i mean she would be really cute =)
but would another me be too much?
im pretty out spoken, very much opinionated,
im a [great] debater! but i think thats the
beauty of me. im like a firecracker
a small package with major explosive....
so with that being said
lol im more than pretty sure she would
bethe nicest out of the [2]... haha thats pretty
bad i know that off top lol but whatEV!!!


i have miss [joy bunny] aka "nite".
haha i know the name sounds kinda lame
but it was given to us by some
of atl's finest =) so it sticks!!!

straight from houston... 1 more added
to the "take over atlanta" movement =)
im enjoying showing the homie around the "A".

shoutout to colli park ent.

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