So i will honestly admit
i was one of the fans knocked off
the Rick Ross train.
Once i heard he was using
another man's name; basically his
whole life. I was turned off.

But after watching this video
seeing him in my city. Actually in the streets.
Im from houston born & raised
so i know what the hoods look like.
He wasnt jst around a little bit to make a appearance.
He was actually interacting with people.
He went to TSU. lol now if u can go up to TSU
& jst chill. ur 100 in my book :)
Now he has my respect back.
he got me over here missing my city. damn. lol.

1 comment:

  1. why i never knew u was from houston!
    haa my brother goes to TSU.. but we from dallas.

    u get extra points from being from TX fa shoooo!!! hahah