s u p e r b a s s

"this one is for the boys with the [B O O M I N G] system,
top down AC with the cooling system,
when he come up in the club he be *blazin* up,
got stacks on deck like he saving up
&& he ill, he real, he might gotta deal
he .p o p. bottles and he got the right kind of build,
he [cool], he [dope], he *m i g h t* sell dope*
he always in the air but he never fly coach,
he a muthaf--kin trip, trip, sailor of the ship, ship
when he make it drip, drip kiss him on the lip, lip
THATS the kind of dude i was looking for && YES you'll get slapped if ya lookin *H O E*" - nicki minaj

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